Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here is another great offer available from TechSoup that won't last.

While Supplies Last: A Special Donation from Symantec

Starting this month, Symantec will offer Norton Internet
Security 2005 retail versions on TechSoup Stock for a low
administrative fee.

Unlike other products available through TechSoup's Symantec
Donation Program, retail versions of this all-in-one security
system include access to Symantec customer service and discounts
on future upgrades.

Moreover, organizations that have reached their quantity limits
on the regular Symantec Donation Program are still eligible for
this special offer -- and can request as many copies of Norton
Internet Security 2005 as they wish without affecting their

Place your order while supplies last.

For more information go to:
TechSoup - Special Norton Internet Security 2005 Offer

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

All nonprofits should be familiar with free or heavily discounted software that are available to them at TechSoup. Here is an offer that is expiring soon so don't delay if you are interested.

The Mission Research Donation Program at TechSoup is changing from a
donation to discount program. (In the discount program, the
GiftWorks admin fee will be higher than the current admin fee.)

The supply of donated GiftWorks product is available at TechSoup Stock through May 24 or until all products are distributed, whichever comes first. They expect that the supply of donated GiftWorks products will be completely distributed before May 24, so place your donation request as soon as possible if interested.

GiftWorks is a fundraising software application for smaller nonprofits.
Nonprofits can use GiftWorks to track donors and donations and
to build targeted lists of donors, supporters and prospects. The
interface is designed for use with minimal training, so volunteers can quickly become productive. You can also use GiftWorks to send mailings and create reports.

This software is available at TechSoup Stock for an admin fee of$35, as compared to the published retail price of $299. Please note that only organizations with annual operating budgets of $500,000 USD or less are eligible to receive this donation.

For more information go to:
TechSoup - Giftworks Details

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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Important New Exemption to the New Jersey Charitable Immunity Act (NJCIA)
Many nonprofits depend on the NJCIA to provide immunity from a wide variety of potential legal problems. However, an important new protection for victims has been signed into law. This new provision should cause nonprofits to take a look at their Human Resources policies – or lack thereof – and take preventive action.

On January 5, 2006 Acting Governor Codey signed into law revisions to the New Jersey Charitable Immunity Act. Effective on that date, the revised Act no longer applies to lawsuits alleging the negligent hiring, supervision or retention of an “employee, agent or servant” by a charity, resulting in a sexual offense against a person under the age of 18 years. A retroactivity provision allows plaintiffs with suits currently in the judicial system, including those on appeal, to proceed without the charitable immunity defense being available to non-profit defendants.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp – June 10

Join 450 emerging nonprofit leaders at Craigslist Foundation's first annual New York Nonprofit Boot Camp. Get inspired and energized to take your nonprofit to the next level!

Thr program for the day has a wide variety of topices. Just $50 gets you access to all seminars and workshops, meals, an Exhibit Hall filled with organizations that serve the nonprofit community, a Networking Reception and a range of high profile speakers. Tracks will feature Nonprofit Basics, Fundraising, Social Entrepreneurship and IT/Technology.

For more information and to register visit:

Craiglist Foundation

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