Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Wish for You in 2015……Peace, Love and a Philanthropic Heart

I wish all of you a joyous holiday season and a blessed New Year. Once a year I have the same post at both of my blogs Marion Conway – Nonprofit Consultant and The Grandma Chronicles. This is that joint post.

As the year comes to a close, I take some quiet time to reflect on the year that is ending and the one that is ahead.  This last year has been a good one for me.  I have moved to a more retired stage of life and yet I continue to be involved with nonprofit consulting, writing and enjoying wonderful relationships with the nonprofit community.  My work has shifted to more executive placement for small nonprofits and I particularly enjoy this work of bringing together the right person with an expectant and wonderful organization.  I had expected to shift my writing more to The Grandma Chronicles – my other blog – but alas that did not happen because of all the less discretionary commitments I had. 

It is the season to appreciate our blessings, express our love and wish for peace in the world and our lives.  It is also the season to think ahead and decide what will be our priorities and focus in the new year. In 2015, I plan again to expand my focus on the Grandma Chronicles and write more frequently and with more depth.  So far I have mostly dealt with the happy moments and there are so many of those as a grandmother that I am very grateful for.  At Marion Conway –Nonprofit Consultant my writing will focus on executive search and placement issues for nonprofits, board issues and philanthropy.

Over the last few years I have written about philanthropy and children and this is a growing interest of mine.  Recently I came across this article in the New York Times on the growing popularity of an ethical will and using technology to present it in a much more engaging way than just a written document.  

Developing and acting on a philanthropic heart is important to me and it is something that I want to explore at both blogs in 2015.  I definitely want to pass on a philanthropic heart to my grandchildren.  And so perhaps there will be more melding of the two blogs on this subject in 2015.

It is Christmas Eve and I look forward to being in church later with my grandson for the family service and children's pagaent.  You will be in my prayers. The table is set and ready for dinner tomorrow.  Tonight I'll have dinner with my husband at a favorite local restaurant and be ready to cook and celebrate tomorrow.

And so for 2015, I wish you all Peace, Love and a Philanthropic Heart.