Monday, July 21, 2008

Blue Avocado Article Provides Good Advice If You Have Immigrant Employees

In May I wrote about the new Blue Avocado newsletter and this is a quick post about an article in their most recent issue. Entitled Ask Rita: Facing an Immigration Quandary by Ellen Aldridge, this article will be of interest to those of you with immigrant employees.

Ms. Aldridge gives advice about not panicking if you get a letter from Immigration saying certain social security numbers do not match those in the government’s database. The article covers a 120 day process to resolve the discrepancy. That's right - 120 days - so don't take immediate action you'll be sorry for later.
You can read the whole article at:
Blue Avocado

There are links to pages on the Social Security Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement websites that deal with this specific issue.

And, one of the things I like about Blue Avocado is the value added comments made by readers. A reader has added a link to the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), a nonprofit organization and leading expert on SSA No Match issues and the E-verify system.
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Summer Newsletter Features a "Summer Reading List"

My Summer newsletter is being published today and you can see it either by subscribing to the newsletter in the column on the right or visiting my website.

This newsletter features a “summer reading list” of some longer reports. There is something for everyone on the reading list. Whether you are interested in board leadership, finance, fundraising or technology you’ll find something of interest to you. Some of reports I have already blogged about and some will be featured here soon – but check out the newsletter and get the whole list.
The reports featured include:

Ten Essential Responsibilities of Foundation Board Chairs
Free White Paper by Boardsource

The Appropriate Role of the IRS with Respect to Tax-Exempt Organization Good Governance Issues
Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities Report

Please note that this is the second of several reports included in this pdf file and begins on page 83 of the file. The report is entitled “The Appropriate Role of the IRS with Respect to Tax-Exempt Organization Good Governance Issues.”

Giving USA 2008
Annual Report Released by Giving USA Foundation

Perfecting Your Page: Can donation page optimization boost online giving?Produced by Donor Digital (DD) in partnership with Amnesty International
Donor Digital Report

Philanthropy Journal Professional Development Series 2008
Philanthropy Journal Professional Development Series
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