Marion Conway is proud to be mentioned in the press including prominent blogs and major resource databases for nonprofits.  Many of these resources refer to blog articles that have appeared here on her blog.  They include:

Major Database Articles
Nonprofit Good Practice Guide - Grand Valley State University
How Can We Possibly Stay Afloat in These Tumultuous Times?
11/2008 blog archive

Network for Good's Learning Center database
A Match Made in e-Heaven: Your Strategic Plan and Website Working Together

Knowledge Center - Blogs

Free Management Help
Articles on strategic Planning and Board Development are reviewed frequently.

Blogs Where Marion's Blog Articles are Featured

Nonprofit Blog Exchange

Demonstrating Board Leadership with Facebook
February 2012

Blogging Plan for Nonprofits
September 2011

Making Facebook Work for a Nonprofit - But Which Tool in the Toolbox Is It?
June 2011

Donating online - How to Make It Work Best for Your Nonprofit
May 2011

Really Simple Real Year End Fundraising – Make it Good to the Last Drop
December 2010 Roundup

A Creative Way to Nurture a Blog
August 2010 Roundup

Getting Started Ways to Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr – It’s All About Building Relationships
4/2009 archive

How to Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for Advocacy and Fundraising
5/2009 archive

What Your Strategic Plan and Website Should Have In Common – Each Other!
8/2008 archive

Chronicle of Philanthropy - Give and Take Column at
This Holiday Season Is a Good Time to Begin the Path to Philanthropy with Your Children

Have Fun Do Good by Britt Bravo
Creating a Juicy Blog for Nonprofits in July's Nonprofit Blog Roundup
July 2010

Nonprofit Leadership 601
Heather Carpenter named me in her Top 50 Next Generation of Nonprofit leaders (Okay so she had no idea of how old I was)

Nonprofit Career Month
Hiring Trends (That's Right — Hiring) in the Nonprofit Sector
So You Want to Work for a Nonprofit

Sax Macy Fromm & Co Accounting Firm
Blog artices on Nonprofit Fist to Five Seminar Series

Nonprofit Law Blog
Nonprofit Board Governance Trends - Highlights of @GrantThornton Survey and My Commentary
3/2010 archive

Governance Gurus Daily
Debra Beck's daily roundup of blog and twitter articles - Top feature of the day
Guidestar’s Report on the Economy– A Wake Up Call not Just All Gloom
September 2010

Guest Blogging
Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey
Nonprofits and Social Media - Perfect Together