Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The United Way of New York City has funding from IBM to support the advancement of technology at nonprofits. They sponsor high quality low cost workshops for nonprofits and publish a Technology News eNewsletter. If you are responsible for technology at a nonprofit you should sign up for the free newsletter and consider attending the workshops. The United Way building is conveniently located a short distance from the PATH and is a reasonable commute for people located in northern New Jersey. This month's newsletter has an excellent article on conducting a technology self audit. Topics covered include:
-Policies and Procedures
-User Password Policy
-Administrator Password Policy
-Software Updates
-Limiting Administrative Policies for Software Installations
-Software Inventory
-Hardware Inventory
-Wireless Access Points
-Network Infrastrucuture
-Server Room Policies
-External Vendors

Conducting a technology self audit is a perfect New Year's resolution for those of you responsible for technology at a nonprofit. Even if you are an "accidental techie" - maybe especially if - this is an important part of maintaining your system in good order.

United Way of New York Tech News

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