Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shall We Blog? Shall We Blog? Shall We Blog?

Even small nonprofits are past the "Should we have a website?" stage and now many are beginning to explore blogging. I think that blogging is finally past "techies and nerds only" and is definitely going mainstream. It is time for nonprofits - both large and small - to get onboard. My suggestion is that you start out by reading blogs and try to savor them like a fine wine. They really are very different than websites which try to provide information in a straightforward manner. Blogs are timely, editorializing is perfectly ok, and informal. So much more fun than websites....See what I mean.

Anyway, this is the first of at least a two step post on blogging. The very first step is to read blogs to get a sense of what blogging is all about. has a section called "Give and Take" which provides a long list of nonprofit blogs.

Give and Take

Here are some of my favorites.

AFP Blog: Recent News of Note
This blog contains assorted news and commentary on the fundraising profession and philanthropy gathered by the AFP Fundraising Resource Center.
AFP Blog

The Nonprofit and Foundation Advocacy Blog
This forum is hosted by Alliance for Justice to strengthen the voices of nonprofits and foundations and to provide a better understanding of the laws that govern their participation in the policy process.
The Nonprofit and Foundation Advocacy Blog

This blog by Laura Quinn, the incomparable authority on technology for nonprofits, is a great resource for technology news of interest to nonprofits.

Check back for more posts on this subject. And please share with all of those who visit this blog what your favorite nonprofit blogs are. Just post your comment to this post.

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Kelly Reardon said...

Hi Marion,
Found you on the Coaching and Training Ideas list. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link to your blog - I'm interested in about a million things, a few of which are nonprofit organization, fundraising, and blogging. Your tips are great, especially about the analytics, and I really liked the article about transparency (SO important!). Keep it up!