Monday, May 07, 2007

Shall We Blog? Lets Say The Answer Is Yes - Part 2

Part 2: Some Technical and Administrative Tips

So, you have your content plan in place and you're ready ...more than ready to get started. But you really are not a techie....... What do you do?

I suggest that you use a simple, easy to use system such as Blogger. Blogger is a free Google product and it is a quality product. There are many choices of standard templates or you can customize your own if are a more sophisticated user. To get started go to:


Make sure you set up google analytics on your template so that you can get reports on the traffic to your blog. You will find this information very helpful as you develop your blog. How many people visit? Return visit? What search keywords brought them to your blog?

Have a link to your website at the bottom of every post. Make sure there is a link to your blog on your website. If you have a newsletter, set up a sign up for the eNewsletter on your blog as well as your website.

Link! Link! Link! Any place people gather online, make sure they know about your blog. Add it to you online and offline signatures. Use it in your signatures on your posts on lists. Register your blog at the nonprofit blog exchange.

Nonprofit Blog Exchange

When you are setting up the blog make sure you read all of the questions carefully and consider all of the options you have. Control who can actually make posts (1 to 3 people is best) and allow comments. If you allow comments make sure you moderate them. With blogger you will get an email whenever someone submits a comment, then you can accept or reject the comment before it is actually posted. This is important because there are spam posts just like there are spam emails and you don’t want comments on drugs for sale etc on your blog.

Wait until you've made some posts before officially announcing it and then you can announce it to your email list.

There is more...much more...but this is just a getting started post.

So....Get started! And enjoy blogging!

Marion Conway Consulting

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