Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A View from the New Generation of Nonprofit Leaders

Once again I am participating in the Nonprofit Blog Exchange Virtual Event where those of us blogging about nonprofit issues make a post about another nonprofit blog. For this event I have the pleasure of being assigned

Perspectives From the Pipeline
Observations on the nonprofit sector from the next generation

This is a particularly lucky assignement for me because I am blogging about leadership in June. The author of this blog, Rosetta Thurman is a young nonprofit professional of color working in the Washington, DC area. She's admittedly an idealist, and came to the nonprofit sector to help change the world. Rosetta has a Master's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. She currently is a director of finance and development at a nonprofit.

Rosetta's goal is to shed light on the dialogue bridging challenges and solutions within the nonprofit sector, especially as it relates to the younger workforce and nonprofit leaders of color. Her main areas of interest and reflection include:

nonprofit management and capacity building
human resources
diversity, race and class issues
organizational learning and professional development

Rosetta's blog is well written, very professional and varied. Reading her blog gives us a bird's eye view of how the next generation of nonprofit leaders is thinking and acting about current issues - and what are the priority issues for them. We also see how comfortable and adept they can be with using technology to communicate. She posts quite regularly and her blog has an interesting feel of being both very professional and having a personal touch. I guess this is because she is writing what she is passionate about...a true quality nonprofit trait.

Check out Perspectives From the Pipeline today and also check out the Nonprofit Blog Exchange for lots of other great nonprofit blogs.

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