Saturday, December 01, 2007

Network for Good's New Gift Cards for Charity and the Link to Guidestar - One More Reason to Update Guidestar Today

Ever year there are new opportunities to give to charity online - and frequently many charities don't even know about it. Last year American Express sent me an email letting me know that I could charge my gift to charity to my credit card. They linked directly to the Guidestar database and Voila! you could instantly charge your donation to any charity in the Guidestar database.

This year I have just received an email from Network for Good letting me know that I could donate online to the charity of my choice and I could buy a gift card for charity. Its called a "Good Card". You could have the gift card sent via email or they will send you an actual gift card that you could give to someone. What a great idea! Do you realise that gift cards have become the most common gift in the United States? Oh by the way...they link to the Guidestar database.

There is a $5 fee per Good Card for processing and handling. The fee is tax-deductible and it covers processing, credit card and PayPal charges so that 100% will be donated to the charity of your recipient's choice.

I assume that Network for Good sent this out to everyone on their mailing list so maybe you got their email also. Or you can just go to their website -

Network for Good

and the opportunity fills their home page.

If it has been on your list of resolutions to update information about your organization on Guidestar this year, don't wait any longer. You have no idea who may get a "Good Card" and when they go to Network for Good to browse and decide which organization they will "spend" their gift card on... what will they be reading about yours....whatever you have provided to Guidestar. Nothing you say?....Oh yes you have provided whatever you put on your 990. That's right you might have let your accountant rather than your development office describe your organization to potential donors. Are you sweating yet? You can update and expand your profile beyond the 990 information. Visit Guidestar today and make that update. After all...that may be a pretty good list of potential donors that Network for Good has.
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