Thursday, April 17, 2008

Volunteer Management Workshop on May 2, 2008

During National Volunteer Week I will be offering a workshop which covers the first two modules of the Points of Light Foundation Volunteer Management curriculum. The remaining four modules will be offered on dates to be announced. The United Way of Passaic County is sponsoring this workshop. Here are the details:

“Increasing the effectiveness of your volunteer program”

DATE: Friday May 2, 2008
TIME: 10am- 1pm
LOCATION: Public Safety Academy
300 Oldham Road, Wayne, NJ 07470

Session will include:
Understanding Volunteering
-Volunteer trends in the U.S.
-Characteristics of effective volunteer programs
-Volunteer motivation models

•Planning a Volunteer Program
-Conducting basic needs assessments
-Creating volunteer position descriptions
-Developing a purpose statement, policies and budget

To Register: Call Karen Colon
973-279-8900 X206
or email:

United Way Of Passaic County

Marion Conway Consulting


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Valuable resource of volunteer news summaries:

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