Monday, July 21, 2008

Blue Avocado Article Provides Good Advice If You Have Immigrant Employees

In May I wrote about the new Blue Avocado newsletter and this is a quick post about an article in their most recent issue. Entitled Ask Rita: Facing an Immigration Quandary by Ellen Aldridge, this article will be of interest to those of you with immigrant employees.

Ms. Aldridge gives advice about not panicking if you get a letter from Immigration saying certain social security numbers do not match those in the government’s database. The article covers a 120 day process to resolve the discrepancy. That's right - 120 days - so don't take immediate action you'll be sorry for later.
You can read the whole article at:
Blue Avocado

There are links to pages on the Social Security Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement websites that deal with this specific issue.

And, one of the things I like about Blue Avocado is the value added comments made by readers. A reader has added a link to the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), a nonprofit organization and leading expert on SSA No Match issues and the E-verify system.
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