Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Nonprofit Leadership 601 Blog Names Marion a Top 50 Leader - Wow!

One of the blogs I visit (see sidebar list of links) is Heather Carpenter’s blog - Nonprofit Leadership 601. Heather is a doctoral student in Nonprofit Leadership and hence the name of her blog. She blogs on a personal level about working in and with nonprofits, nonprofit leadership and management and the newest approaches to more effective leadership. I always find her blog invigorating, encouraging and intellectually challenging.

Yesterday visits to my blog spiked and today I received two emails congratulating me on being named to the Top 50 Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders You Should Know list on the Nonprofit Leadership Blog. Wow!!! I visited Heather’s blog to see what was going on.

Heather noted that the Nonprofit Times had just published its list but they were all people associated with serving large nonprofits and that 77% of nonprofits have a budget under $1 Million. So she developed her own list of people serving small nonprofits and there is my name on this list with people who really are leaders in serving small nonprofits. This is truly an honor! I just had to share it with those of you who read this blog.

Visit Heather’s blog today to read her recent post on the theory of leadership and see her whole list of the “Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders.”
Heather's Blog - Nonprofit Leadership 601

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