Monday, October 06, 2008

Take Strategic Planning and Using Technology Up a Notch with Real Time Strategic Planning and Social Media

Last month I wrote about integrating your strategic plan and website. Today I am writing about “real time strategic planning (RTSP) and social media. You can think of it as my original post on steroids or my original post for the next generation or just an old fashioned next step.

Last week I was privileged to attend the first convening of the Kellogg Action Lab College of Consultants in Minneapolis. I attended workshops presented by David LaPiana author of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution and Beth Kanter, the foremost expert on using social media in the nonprofit world. Here are some highlights of what I learned:

David LaPiana is inspirational in his approach to strategic planning. David’s new book is the result of a four year research project (well funded, I might add) to develop an alternative and better way to do strategic planning. The subtitle says it all – “Real Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid Response World.” It is more than just strategic thinking. He provides a straightforward model with this framework of questions:
•Where we are?
•How did we get here?
•Where do we go next?
•How do we get there?
The model can be used to address a “Big Question” facing your organization and doesn’t require going through a whole organizational analysis. David defines strategy as “a coordinated set of actions designed to create and sustain a competitive advantage in achieving a nonprofit’s mission.” This understanding of stategy as action rather than a goal is central to the RTSP model. His presentation was stimulating and I highly recommend his book which I began reading on my way back to Newark from Minneapolis.
Find David LaPiana's books here at Fieldstone Alliance

The most surprising and thoughtful thing I learned from Beth Kanter is the concept of using Social Media to listen. Listening is an important leadership skill and I had not thought about listening on the web. But now I can hardly wait to start! I listened to Beth about using Facebook, Twitter, Google Alerts and even your own blog to listen. You can help me listen by posting your comments – I’d really appreciate it. Visit Beth’s Blog where she provides lots of details on this subject.
Visit Beth's Blog

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Update: This article was adapted for publication in the comprehensive You and Your Nonprofit published in July 2011 by Charity Channel press. See the special discount offer and link for more information in the sidebar.

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Here's some starter steps for listening you might want to share with your clients if they are just getting started

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