Monday, December 29, 2008

My Favorite Blog Posts by Bloggers I Follow on Twitter

This is the time of year for making up lists. This is my list of favorite blog posts by bloggers I follow on Twitter. Twitter? You say. I learned about Twitter along with using the Internet to LISTEN from Beth Kanter at the Kelloggs College of Consultants convening and I am hooked. I’ll be blogging about Twitter during the year, but for now here is my list..

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media by Beth Kanter is THE blog for nonprofits to read for using web 2.0 tools. This is an award winning blog and Beth self describes her blog as “A place to capture and share ideas, experiment with and exchange links and resources about the adoption challenges, strategy, and ROI of nonprofits and social media.” It is hard to choose a favorite post at Beth’s Blog but a recent one is perfect for this time of year. “How Can We Make Charitable Giving A Year-Round Habit?” has an idea for each month – great for New Year’s resolutions.
Beth's Blog - How Can We Make Charitable Giving A Year-Round Habit?

Heather Carpenter writes Nonprofit Leadership601. Heather is a PhD student in Nonprofit Leadership and gets to attend many of the major nonprofit conferences around the country. She provides an academic, professional yet young and fresh perspective on nonprofits issues...a blog worth reading. I’m sorry, its shameless, but I can’t deny that this is my favorite post – Heather named me as one of her “Top Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders You Should Know" list. It is such an honor to be on Heather’s list.
Heather's Blog - Top Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders You Should Know

Rosetta Thurman is a 26 year old African American nonprofit professional in Washington DC who writes a blog from the perspective of who she is. For us older folks she provides an insider’s peak at how some one from this demographic operates in the nonprofit world. I’ll call it “committed and edgy.” It can be very enlightening. Her recent post, “10 Ways to Become a Better Nonprofit Leader in 2009” is right on target. Great advice – and a little different than what the over 50 crowd would recommend. 10 Ways to Become a Better Nonprofit Leader in 2009

Hildy Gottlieb, author of many books for nonprofits, writes “Create the Future.” Her blog is focused on seeing the big picture and connecting that with the details which allow you to “create the future” rather than just seeing what happens. Hildy is also prolific and writes so many inspiring posts that it is hard to choose just one. Hildy’s blog is not for those of you who are looking for short posts and five point lists. Hildy is more like an opinion columnist. She weaves her ideas through personal experiences and epiphanies and builds a relationship with you. Her blog is for those of you who want to be regular readers not those of you wanting a quick fix on a particular topic. Check out this post – “Building Cooperation” – and make sure you read the comments also. Hildy is great at creating conversation and her blog posts frequently have insightful comments also.
Hildy Building Cooperation

Chris Brogan provides advice on how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value. His recent post, If I Started Today” gives the best simple, straightforward advice I have seen anywhere for getting started with Web 2.0. Don’t miss this right on target piece. Read the comments – great advice there too.
Chris If I Started Today

Marc Pitman’s, author of “Ask Without Fear!” blog is The Fundraising Coach . Marc is prolific and it is easy to understand why this blog is very popular. The articles are brief but full of good advice and timely topics. “Tips for Fundraising in a Recession” is very timely – check it out.
Marc Pitman Tips for Fundraising in a Recession

The Case Foundation has a new blog with mostly short posts. But their theme and new campaign “Change Begins with Me” has the promise of being stimulating in 2009.
Case Foundation Blog

Another blog that is a great resource but does not have frequent post is the Nonprofit Blog Exchange. Every once in a while Emily posts a “Roundup” of recent posts on nonprofit blogs and it always is a treasure trove of goodies. The blog also has a great blogroll of nonprofit blogs...and you’ll see this one on that list.
Nonprofit Blog Exchange

Enjoy these blogs and...
Have a Happy New Year!


Marion Conway Consulting


Anonymous said...

I'm honored to be in such great company!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great list. I read several, and am looking forward to adding from your recommendation.Cheers!

Diana Scimone said...

What a great list, Marion! Thanks so much for posting all these super links.

Diana Scimone
Born to Fly International, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Marion. I found it because I started following Beth Kanter on 12-28-08 and she tweeted about it -- Ain't Technology Grand!

I completed my Masters in Philanthropic Studies from IUPUI in 2007 and am now consulting Indy not-for-profits on the use of social media. How do you overcome the "not enough time for social media" hurdle when you meet with not-for-profits?

Anonymous said...

You have captured a great list of some of the top nonprofit bloggers. Thanks!

Jen Chiu said...

Hi Marion,

Thanks for putting together such a great list.

Do you have any favorite official blogs created by nonprofits? Most of the ones I've seen are written by consultants.

If not, do you have a theory on why that is?


Anonymous said...

Echoing the great list comments. Just when you think you finally have a grasp on the best ones, someone introduces you to a couple of more.