Friday, January 16, 2009

Martin Luther King Day – Some Resources to Help Get in the Spirit and Get Involved

I’ve become a regular on Twitter and I am “following” and “being followed by” mostly the nonprofit community. This week the conversation about Martin Luther King Day reached a crescendo and I decided that I really should be blogging about it. I know I am pretty late to the party but I have been working diligently with two nonprofits on their strategic plans this week and although I love it, blogging went to the back of the line.

Monday, January 19th is a National Day of Service. This year especially is the time to make it a day of service and not just a day off as so many people are in need and we are about to inaugurate Barack Obama as President. When we look back at this historical moment in time it will be great to remember how we spent it in a day of service. Here are some resources with events and ongoing service opportunities..

The main resource is the official government website The website provides ideas for you to organize projects, an easy to use database of projects all over the country that you can participate in (just put in your zip code), podcasts to download and more. Make it your first stop.
Martin Luther King Day Official Website

Another great website is This website is designed to help promote MLK Day events and to make commitments, build communities, find opportunities to serve and share their results. The events provide opportunities for direct service and bringing people together to reflect on Dr. King's legacy.
USA Service

If you are a Facebook fan, visit Impact Change and pledge your time
Impact Challenge on Facebook

Last, but not least visit the official King Center website. You will greeted by Reverend King’s moving speech on service and when you hear him bellow “He who is greatest among you shall be your servant” you will have the spirit descend upon you.
The King Center

And to wrap up and reconnect to strategic planning....If your organization isn't listed at one of these websites, think now about your MLK Day plans for next year. And make sure you take advantage of these great resources to promote the opportunities for service you have on MLK Day 2010. The participating organizations are large and small and have simple activities like having a food and new socks drive, distributing fire prevention materials door to door to much more complicated projects. Every bit helps.

Enjoy your MLK Day,


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Unknown said...

One of King's most central legacies often lost in holiday remembrances is his stance against global poverty and his encouragement for all Americans to learn about and combat it.

Download the free 2-page inspirational flyer about Martin Luther King Jr. and what he fought for in this exact regard here, which also compares global poverty in King's time to the present time:

This would certainly be an excellent way for non-profits to both honor King's vision, and open people's eyes to the currently still dreadful state of humanity. Pass It On!

( You can also get the flyer by emailing me at )