Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Nonprofit Taglines - Getting Attention Reveals Winners

Nancy Schwartz is a nonprofit marketing consultant who writes the popular blog (Getting Attention). Last year Nancy's survey found that 70% of nonprofits didn't use a tagline or rated theirs as poor. Nancy recently sponsored a contest to select the best nonprofit taglines. There were 1702 taglines submitted and 13 winners were selected each representing a different category. I am not a marketing expert but I was really struck by the winning taglines. I think Nancy accomplished what she set out to do with this contest. She inspired nonprofits to think about their branding and show how powerful a tagline can be. Even a small nonprofit can do this without any budget.

The winners come from large and small nonprofits and I am truly impressed with how mch punch and focus can be delivered in a few words. My favorites from smaller nonprofits include:

Montana Historical Society
Big Sky. Big Land. Big History.

Texas Nonprofits
Building community deep in the hearts of Texans

Because the earth needs a good lawyer

Houston Food Bank
Filling pantries. Filling lives.

Homeboy Industries
Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job

Each of these taglines captures the mission of their organization with laser like focus and also touches the emotional draw of the mission. That's why they work so well. The contest is over but if your organization doesn't have a tagline - or it has one that just doesn't cut it, I suggest you sign up for Nancy's full report coming out in November with over 2500 tagline examples.

If you are gearing up for the holiday annual fundraising season, now is a good time to consider a tagline which communicates your brand and adds some jazz to your marketing. Today shorter communications are more effective and a tagline can really help get your message across quickly.

Thanks Nancy for making us think about this simple idea.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word and sharing your favorites, Marion. These small orgs on your list have done a superstar job with their taglines, and I'm sure with their programs and services.