Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Barbara Talisman - My Nonprofit Blog Exchange Virtual Event Friend

One of my favorite blogs is the Nonprofit Blog Exchange. This simple, unassuming blog written by Emily Weinberg provides a huge list of resources for nonprofits. Nonprofits and nonprofit consultants list their blogs here in the most extensive list of nonprofit blogs on the web. In looking at the google analytics of my blog last year I was surprised to see that very quietly The Nonprofit Blog Exchange had become the second largest referrer to my blog.  I ALWAYS list this site in my list of resources for any nonprofit workshop I offer.

Emily runs the “Nonprofit Blog Exchange Virtual Event” where bloggers sign up to write about another blog and someone writes about them. Emily tries to match people in some magical way so it makes sense for them to write about them. Through earlier events I was matched with now well established bloggers Rosetta Thurman and Heather Carpenter.  Heather even later named me to her top 50 nonprofit leaders to watch list which was incredibly flattering.

Heather Carpenter's Incredible List  I Was So Proud to be Part Of 

For the current round of the virtual event I am happy to be writing about Barbara Talisman’s blog Talisman Thinking Out Loud.  I follow Barbara on Twitter @BTalisman – so I was already familiar with her when Emily assigned me to write about her.

Barbara is a very experienced development expert and she blogs frequently with brief, crisp, thought provoking posts. You’ll get the AHA’s reading Barbara’s posts. Most posts are about fundraising issues or social media and nonprofits.

I highly recommend you take a look at Barbara’s blog. Thank you Emily for introducing me to yet another engaging nonprofit blogger.

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