Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When a Grant Is Worth More Than the Money

Some grants are worth more than the dollar value of the grant. And the extras can be pretty important. All large foundations consider the sustainable of your organization as a factor in whether or not they provide support. But some foundations are building in programs to develop their grantees' sustainability. These "extras" can be worth a lot to your organization and frequently they are available to even small nonprofits who never could have afforded these extra services on their own. Here are a few examples.

Kellogg Foundation - Ensuring that its grantees survive is the goal of a new partnership the foundation created with a $9.3 million grant. The grant brings together the Fieldstone Alliance and the Nonprofit Finance Fund in a partnership whose aim is to help Kellogg's more than 800 grantees improve their performance, effectiveness and financial sustainability. Fieldstone Alliance helps nonprofits fine-tune their organizational planning and management structures. The Nonprofit Finance Fund provides groups with financial analysis and access to capital – an investment bank of sorts for the nonprofit sector.

Geraldine Dodge Foundation - Offers an ongoing series of workshops on important topics to its grantees. Nationally recognized experts are brought in to conduct the workshops.

Bank of America - The BOA Neighborhood Builders Awards for $100000 in selected designated cities across the country also include a year longprofessionall leadership development program for the nonprofit's leaders.

Look for those extras that your major funders may provide and hop on board! Sometimes the extras are available to staff, board members and even your consultants!



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