Monday, October 16, 2006

Benchmarking for Nonprofits - Workshop by Marion

This post is part of my continuing update on conferences and training opportunities. My last public workshop of this calendar year is sponsored by the Volunteer Center of Bergen County and will be held on November 15th in Hackensack. This brand new full day workshop on Benchmarking for Nonprofits is a hands on workshop which includes the outstanding text Benchmarking for Nonprofits: How to Measure, Manage and Improve Performance by Jason Saul. I was a reviewer of the manuscript and I am quoted on the back cover. But guess what - I have never met Jason Saul! My work was through Fieldstone Alliance, the publisher.

Topics will include the five key steps of benchmarking, best practices, forming a benchmarking team, how to measure what matters and the difference between benchmarking and evaluation.

The fee for this course includes continental breakfast, lunch and a copy of the text (a $35 value). It is important to register as far ahead as possible so that you will have the text on the day of the workshop.

Check out the Volunteer Center's website for more information.

Volunteer Center of Bergen County

Marion Conway Consulting

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