Sunday, October 22, 2006

Grant Writing Made A Little Easier

Use the same application more than once!

You all know that fundraising is not one of my areas of expertise. However, once in a while I have an entry on this blog because I know that all of you are very interested in this topic and it might keep you coming back. I just learned something as I was doing some research on a different topic so I thought I'd share it it with you.

I know how grant writing is a time consuming, heart wrenching task that you all wish you had to put less time and energy into in order to stay in business. Do you know that there is a common form accepted by over 60 grantmakers - some of which are the large ones that you probably apply to anyway?

Wait it gets even better. About 30 of these organizations also accpet a common report form!

You can get the forms and learn more about this topic at the Council of NJ Grantmakers website. The site includes a list of grantmakers who accept the forms. These streamlined forms were developed to assist in the often time-consuming grant preparation and reporting process.

Check this out today. It may be a great timesaver and an opportunity to apply for a few more grants without having reinvent the wheel.

Council of NJ Grantmakers

Marion Conway Consulting

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