Wednesday, November 01, 2006

10 Easy and Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your New or Redesigned Web Site

TechSoup has a great weekly eNewsletter - TechSoup- By the Cup - that I strongly encourage you to sign up for if you are not already subscribed. Each edition has featured articles, a list of upcoming events and actual soup recipes. This week's has two especially good featured articles. The first article chronicles the experiences of three nonprofits who have 3 different new donor databases. It is always good to hear about actual experiences in addition to the more clinical analysis available comparing features and costs of various products.

But my favorite article is entitled "Promoting Your New (or Redesigned) Web Site. These simple ideas include everything from sending out an email announcing the web site to sending out press releases. You can read the whole article at:

TechSoup - Promoting Your New (or Redesigned) Web Site

And don't forget to go to TechSoup and sign up for By the Cup!

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